Some things disturb, some things soothe.

The local news helicopter circled over the neighborhood this afternoon, and – since news coverage tends to go where there’s calamity, and since (Lord knows) there’s been plenty of that lately, and since my grandchildren are now loose in the ‘hood on their bikes – my mind ran the gamut of concerns: traffic accident, incident […]

Both Sides Now

Driving from our neighborhood one recent afternoon for a routine errand, I saw twenty seconds of drama unfold at the corner. A young dad and his  three- or four-year old daughter were out for a walk together, and something she had done had displeased or disappointed him, or threatened her safety. He was on one […]

Goals vs Objectives

Stopped at a traffic light mid-day in early spring, my eye was drawn to movement in the tree beside the road. In the highest branches, a crow was busy selecting, pulling and tugging small twigs. I was first impressed with his dexterity – the branches were tightly packed, creating a daunting thicket for so large […]

Just Another Day at Work

I followed a pickup truck out of town one day last week – not a shiny, showy truck, but a real work truck, with side-mounted toolboxes and a bed full of tools, ladders, ropes and other hints of the hard work in store for its driver. Our vehicles summed up just how different his work […]

What’s Next? What’s Right?

  Lots of good advice has come my way over the years – among which is the precaution not to try to solve complex problems with simplistic solutions. One favorite quote is attributed to Einstein (and others): “You should keep things as simple as possible . . . but no simpler.” To avoid being overwhelmed […]

The Errand That Became More

On my way to my favorite Indianapolis restaurant (Rock Bottom Brewery), stopped by Ossip – the Optician’s shop – to get new nosepieces for my glasses. Buffy put them on my frames, and pleasantly announced, “There’s no charge, but you COULD contribute a dollar to this weekend’s Vision Walk.” After several days of wrestling with […]