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About Kutzke Furniture

Brian Kutzke grew up fascinated by woodworking and design. He watched his grandfather build furniture by hand, and when he was old enough his grandfather taught him everything he could about the craft. Brian went on to become a masterful furniture designer and craftsman at Westin-Nielsen. After years as the lead craftsman, he saw the opportunity in 2015 to take over the business under his own name, Kutzke.

Kutzke Furniture is custom crafted in the USA. Each piece of furniture is made to order and made to last. Every facet can be made for your specific needs; whether you’re looking for sturdy, comfortable waiting room chairs or elegant wooden stacking chairs you’ll find exactly what you need in our extensive product lineup. We stand by the quality of our craftsmanship with a 10 year warranty on each and every piece that we build.

















Kutzke Furniture Philosophy


We stand behind every chair we make. As a small company in a competitive market, we can’t afford to do any less. In addition to their sturdy build and versatile designs, our chairs look great and enhance any space they occupy. The degree of customization we offer means you get exactly the look you want in the products you need to accommodate every user.


Our chairs don’t just look good, the quality we build into them means they last years longer than industry norms. Our chairs are known for their strength and durability in any application. Many of our customers have chairs we built that have been in continuous daily use for over 15 years. That’s value.


“We think you should be able to try a chair before you buy it” We always look at things from your perspective, which leads to some obvious questions like that one. We know that we like to try things out first, so we make it easy for you to test our chairs. We maintain an extensive collection of samples in our network of independent representatives. If what you want isn’t close at hand, we’ll send you one direct from the factory.Whether you’re requesting samples, customizing an order, or receiving our products, we think a few steps ahead to make the process as easy for you as possible and we’re ready with solutions to any special challenges.