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Workspace lighting

Workspace lighting is a much greater ergonomic concern than most people imagine. Our working environment, work performance and well-being are much affected by it. The personal task light is one of the most important factors for achieving a good working environment.

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Welcome to a quick guide to good workstation lighting!
Luxo’s website offers helpful tools for planning and selecting the right light for any application. There you may learn more about the importance of good workstation lighting, and how a task light can help you achieve a better working environment. Try these quick links to get started:
Luxo information is also readily available on My Resource Library; here’s your link to that helpful resource: Find us on MRL 
Here are just some of the beautiful Luxo task light designs available through Contract Interior Solutions LLC:
360 thumb  Ovelo thumb  Ninety thumb  L-1 thumbSplit thumb  Terea thumb  Trace thumb

Click here for Luxo’s video on the benefits of individually adjustable task lighting.

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Click below for a video of the new Luxo Split task light in action!

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